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Volunteer Financial Assistance Application

Cape CARES is committed to welcoming a diverse and inclusive volunteer brigade. We recognize that the costs of volunteering, while necessary to cover the expenses of our work in rural communities of Honduras, can be a financial hardship for qualified and competent volunteers. We aim to provide financial assistance that will support volunteers in participating in our brigades by awarding scholarships to cover a portion of the $900 trip fee.

Date of Birth
What rola are you applying for within the Brigade?
Have you served on a previous Brigade with cape CARES?
Award requested (check one)
25% of trip fee
50% of trip fee
75% of trip fee
90% of trip fee

While we cannot guarantee that you will receive the full amount of your request, we strive to make our trips accessible and will assist volunteers with resources to personally raise the additional funds if needed. Thank you for your application. We will let you know our decision as soon as possible.

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